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  Do you need to support employee engagement, change management & strategic communications?

We are one of only a few firms in Canada dedicated exclusively to assessment and performance improvement in communications. We do this by

  Focusing on employee engagement — we capture feedback from key internal audiences that you can use to solve a workplace problem; improve your organization's effectiveness; engage employees in ways that will improve productivity; assess & improve your current internal communication activities; put in place viable action plans.
Focusing on change management — we help ensure you leap to solid ground when you implement changes, want to act on ideas and opinions or change strategic direction through the use of focus groups; paper/electronic/telephone surveys; facilitated team exercises & roundtables; interviewing.
Focusing on strategic facilitation — our strategic facilitation processes help you and your organization assess where you are now and determine where you would like to go; then our communication and change management strategies help you get to where you want to be.
Focusing on customized training — we tailor all training and coaching programs to your specific personal and business objectives: Speech delivery; Small-group presentations; Becoming more persuasive; Becoming a confident facilitator; and Leadership training.

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