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Meetings can be invaluable vehicles for establishing plans and resolving problems. Or they can be costly and time-consuming.


  We believe that meetings should be efficient
and effective.
That's why we offer professional facilitation services for board, management and employee meetings. Our experienced facilitators establish an atmosphere of trust, manage a carefully crafted agenda, focus the team's efforts and encourage interaction.
  We follow a comprehensive five-step process for every
facilitated session:
1. Familiarization — learn about the organization, the objectives for the session, participants' needs and expectations.
2. Pre-planning — clarify purpose, scope, direction and agenda.
3. Preparation — determine the structure, timing and logistics.
4. Facilitation — apply our experience, impartiality and knowledge of the organization to produce the results you expect.
5. Reporting — consolidate captured information in a concise report; then meet with you to discuss the results.
  Our facilitation support can help you bring out the best in the following situations:
To produce an energizing, productive board retreat, we assist in venue selection, agenda and meeting process development, session facilitation and reporting.
For issues management meetings, we help participants identify issues, assess potential impact and establish organizational positions and tactics for dealing with them.
We enhance the effectiveness of strategic planning sessions by establishing a supportive framework; our facilitators help the group deal with tough issues, generate ideas and reach consensus.
When conducting focus groups, we remain objective, while using dynamic techniques to capture feedback and findings that lead to innovative solutions.
Our small group roundtables exercises are purposeful — and fun too — as we guide the group through ideas and issues that team members need to examine.
  Conduct efficient and effective meetings, courtesy of Beslin Communication Group.
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